Time Stands Still on a Dead Planet

by Chris Ward on April 15, 2021

The planet is suffocating, and humankind’s foot is firmly stamped on its throat. Rainforests are a vital means of keeping our planet in balance, absorbing carbon dioxide – stabilising our climate – and releasing oxygen – the stuff we need to breathe to stay alive. Yet we cut down a piece of primary rainforest the size of a football field every six seconds. Between 2002 and 2019, 8.3m million acres of tropical forest – an area larger than Belgium – disappeared each year. Since the 1960s, over half of the world’s tropical forests have been slashed down. Within a century scientists predict there won’t be any left. Think about that for a second. It’s sobering. It’s terrifying.


Don't turn a blind eye

Without the regulating influence of the rainforests, temperatures will rise, and there’ll be no way back – not necessarily for us, but our children and grandchildren, trapped upon a burning planet.


Time waits for no-one

As part of an industry built upon the luxury and longevity of time, if things continue the way they are, the hard truth is that we won’t be able to enjoy either. So we made a decision – to scrap physical product manuals or customer paperwork. Your new TRIBUS arrives with just the essentials: a warranty card, and, depending on the model, a COSC certificate or a Certificate of Provenance. Getting rid of excess paper doesn’t impact upon the enjoyment of your watch, either. Follow the link on the warranty card, and you’ll be taken to a page on our website containing your digital user manual. This contains all of the necessary operational instructions, along with tips on how to look after your TRIBUS.

Small steps

It is a small step, and we recognise as a brand that ships its products around the world, we have our own footprint too. But shipping less ultimately does more. Less paper mean more of the Amazon remains upright, cutting the weight of the package being flown around the world. Longer term, they’ll make a difference – big enough to make the decision worthwhile.

After all, what is the point of creating a watch that’s designed to last, if we don’t have a future to enjoy it in?

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