Bracelet – Gunmetal

Bracelet – Gunmetal
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The polished stainless steel sport bracelet is outstandingly comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Its length can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist and the deployant clasp features a practical quick adjustment.


  • Brushed and polished 20mm PVD gunmetal stainless steel bracelet
  • Micro-adjustable deployant clasp engraved with TRIBUS logo

Customer Reviews

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Richard Arruda
Great watch band!

Excellent attention to detail and execution of a band to match the workmanship of Tribus watches.

David Spooner
Gunmetal Bracelet

My Third bracelet from Tribus. Very nice, and easy to size with plenty of adjustments.

Quality product

This bracelet looks and feels like a luxury item. There is a heft to the bracelet which shows there's no skimping on the materials used. The clasp is very smooth and secure, and the adjustment is a simple push of a flat button on the clasp, allowing about 1/4 inch/1cm adjustment. The gunmetal brushed finish has a pleasing 2 tone effect and looks great on the MDS watch I've paired it with. There is a taper on the links from the watch bevel to the clasp.

The one issue is the size of the bracelet on my wrist provides a very loose fit. I have a smaller wrist so even with the adjustment at minimum there is a large amount of movement whilst wearing. In order to achieve a good fit I'll need to get the bracelet adjusted, with an estimated 4 links removed in total. This may be expected by Tribus, and the bracelet is supplied with the intention to allow link removal for the smaller customer, but I hope the taper doesn't cause complications.

Comparing the fit with the existing leather strap, the bracelet adjusted at full extension is the same as the leather strap at it's maximum fitting. If this is in your range of fit then add a star and have at it. Otherwise, plan on getting the bracelet adjusted.