Any well-made watch is designed to withstand a lifetime of active wear, and ours are no different. To ensure they continue to perform at their best throughout their life, we recommend having your TRIBUS watch regularly serviced (think of it like taking your car to the garage to ensure it’s kept in the best possible condition). Alternatively, on the off chance you encounter any issues, you may need to return to us for repair. Here’s how:


We obviously hope this doesn’t happen, but on the rare occasion that your watch does develop an issue, you’ll need to get it back to us for a repair.

The first thing to do is contact our Customer Services team and explain the issue you’re having (there’s a chance we may be able to sort the issue without sending it back to us). If necessary, we’ll arrange a collection of your watch. You’ll then be provided with instructions and a returns label to attach to your watch’s packaging.

Once it’s been returned to our team in Switzerland, a technician will inspect it and advise on the issue. Remember: if your watch develops a fault within 3 years of purchase, we’ll repair or replace its movement or part free of charge, subject to inspection. (You can find out more about our warranty here).


Watches in many ways are an engineering marvel. With the mechanical movements inside them featuring dozens of intricate parts working tirelessly together for years at a time – all whilst being worn on someone’s wrist – it’s only natural they should be returned to us for servicing. At TRIBUS, we recommend having your watch serviced at regular intervals of 3 years to maintain the best possible performance.

If you have your watch serviced by us within 3 years of its initial purchase, its movement will be covered under warranty for another 3 years.

To arrange a service, please contact our Customer Services team, who will arrange a collection. You’ll then be provided with instructions and a returns label to attach to your watch’s packaging.


Your watch and its movement are disassembled

The movement’s parts are cleaned

Any worn parts are repaired or replaced

The case is cleaned

Its gaskets are replaced and water resistance tested

Its timekeeping is calibrated to within tolerance

Any service on your watch would then see its movement covered for a further 3 years.

On average, servicing should take 2 weeks, and you’ll be kept informed of any updates during the servicing period.