TRI-02 GMT 3 Timezone COSC


0: Normal Position
1: First Click, Manual Winding
2: Second Click, GMT hand setting
3: Third Click, time setting

Starting the watch

Your watch contains an automatic movement. This uses a weighted rotor that transfers kinetic energy through a series of gears into a mainspring that then releases the energy throughout the day.

To cut a long story short: your watch can run off the movement of your wrist, but if there is no energy in the mainspring (let’s say you did the unthinkable and left the house without it on) it will need some intervention to get it started.

A few clockwise turns of the crown will restart the watch. To manually re-power your watch, unscrew the winding crown A anticlockwise from the case to position I. Wind the crown in a clockwise direction for approximately 20 revolutions (please note you can’t overwind your watch’s movement).

Push the winding crown back to the normal position (0) and screw down clockwise to keep it watertight. It will then automatically wind itself from the movement of your wrist as you wear it. If normal daily activity is not sufficient, manual winding (or getting off the sofa) may be necessary.

Setting the time

Unscrew the winding crown anticlockwise from the case and pull it out to the third click (position 3). Turn the crown anticlockwise to move the hour/minute hands until they indicate the desired time. 

Setting the GMT hand

Unscrew the winding crown anticlockwise from the case and pull it out to the second click (position 2). To set the GMT hand, turn the crown clockwise and move the hand forward to the desired time – you can set this against either the inner 24-hour ring, or the outer 24-hour bezel (taking its day/night indicator into account). The GMT hand moves in one-hour increments.

How to use the GMT hand

You’ve just landed in Los Angeles from London, with the local time being 6pm (18.00 hours).

Upon your arrival, unscrew the winding crown from the case and pull it out to the third click (position 3) and move the hour/minute hands back by 8 hours (the time difference between the two cities), diagram A

After this, push the winding crown to the second click (position 2) and adjust the GMT hand to 2am (02.00 hours), diagram B. Your home timezone is now set. Don’t forget to push the crown back to position 0 and screw it back in for water resistance.

Adjusting the internal bezel

To adjust the internal bezel, turn crown B clockwise or anticlockwise as necessary. This can then be used to display a third timezone.

Following the GMT hand instructions above, with the GMT hand set against the inner 24-hour ring on the dial (your second timezone), diagram C.

You have both the time in Los Angeles (6pm) and London (2am), but need to know the time in Sydney to phone a colleague. Using the crown, align the 6pm on the 24-hour bezel (18.00 hours) with 6pm on the main section of the dial, diagram D.

As Sydney is 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles, you can count 17 hours ahead to see the time is in fact 11am (11.00 hours) on Australia’s eastern coast. We’d say that was safe to call.


Replacing your strap

With their in-built quick-release pins, our leather and rubber straps are simple to change over.

  1. To remove the strap, locate the quick-release pin and pull inwards to detach
  2. To reattach your strap, pull the pin inwards and align the spring bars so that they click securely into the lug holes on each side. You should feel the spring bars pop back into place. Give the strap a soft tug to ensure that it is securely attached. Get on with the rest of your day. 

The micro-adjustment on your bracelet

The clasp on your bracelet is fitted with an adjustment system enabling you to lengthen or shorten your bracelet by 5mm on either side – ideal for a hot summer’s day.

  1. Open the clasp by pushing on the buttons to release.
  2. Press the bottom buttons together to engage the micro-adjustment. To extend, pull the bracelet apart to the appropriate length. To shorten it, push the bracelet back into the clasp 

To replace your metal bracelet, you’ll need a springbar tool to swap it on or off. If the thought of trying this gives you the fear, we recommend getting a local jeweller to do this to avoid any scratches.


All TRIBUS watches are Swiss-made – an indicator of quality itself. Your watch has been engineered to last, but to ensure it continues to operate at its best we recommend the following:

  • Never unscrew the winding crown or internal bezel winding crown underwater. Always ensure any crowns are screwed into the case to maintain water-resistance;
  • Avoid thermal shocks and exposing your watch to extreme temperatures, below 0°C or above 60°C (sauna, baths, etc.);
  • Never use corrosive/chemical products to clean your watch;
  • Avoid contact with certain chemical substances (petrol, thinners, perfumes, cleaning products, glues, paints, etc.), to prevent any damage to your watch and its strap;
  • Avoid exposing your watch to a powerful magnetic field (magnets, loudspeaker, etc.);
  • Avoid violent impacts;
  • Avoid leaving your watch immobile for long periods of time. Only regular wear prevents the oils contained in the movement from congealing;
  • Never attempt to open the case of your watch yourself. If you have any issues, let us know instead;
  • After immersion in sea water, the watch and bracelet (if worn) should be rinsed carefully in fresh water. We recommend against exposing leather straps to water.

Water Resistance

The TRI-02 GMT 3 Timezone COSC is water-resistant to a depth of 150 metres (15 ATM).

Do not use the watch at a depth greater than that indicated.

Washing your car
Shower, bath, surface water sports
Swimming, snorkelling


Any well-made watch is designed to withstand a lifetime of active wear, and ours are no different. To ensure your TRIBUS watch continues to perform at its best, we recommend having it serviced every 3 years (think of it like taking your car to the garage to ensure it’s kept in the best possible condition). If you have your watch serviced by us within 3 years of its initial purchase, its movement will be covered under warranty for another 3 years.

To arrange a service, please speak to one of our Customer Services team, who will arrange a collection – they’ll need an address, a date for collection and a contact number. You’ll then be provided with instructions and a returns label to attach to your watch’s packaging.


Your TRIBUS watch is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for 3 years from the date of purchase. This means that in the unlikely event you encounter any problems, we’ll repair or replace the movement or part in question as necessary. If the repair work/replacement does not fall under the terms of our guarantee (for example, our Swiss technicians diagnose the issue to be the result of user fault), a cost may be incurred.

If you’ve purchased your TRIBUS watch directly from us, we’ll have your details on record for if you need to speak to us about your guarantee. If you have purchased your TRIBUS from somebody else or have received it as a gift, to ensure the guarantee is transferred over to your name, please register your details with us at


What is the point of creating a watch that’s designed to last, if we don’t have a future to enjoy it in? Since the 1960s, over half of the world’s tropical forests have been slashed down. Within a century, scientists predict there won’t be any left – leaving future generations with an uncertain existence upon a burning planet.

To reduce our paper use, we decided to scrap physical product manuals and customer paperwork. So your new TRIBUS arrives with only the essentials: a warranty card, and, depending on the model, a COSC certificate or Certificate of Provenance. Between your warranty card and this digital manual, you have everything you need to look after your TRIBUS.