TRI-07 LFC Sports Chronograph Champions Edition


Your quartz chronograph is officially licenced by Liverpool FC and has been engineered to celebrate the 2019/20 Premier League Champions. The Swiss-made movement inside provides stopwatch functionality, but it’s the club crest on the dial that reminds you following Liverpool is a way of life.

1: Second Counter
2: Hour hand
3: Minute counter
4: Minute hand
5: Second hand
6: Push button A
7: Crown
8: Push button B

Setting the time

  1. Unscrew the crown in an anti-clockwise direction from position I. Once unscrewed, this is position II.
  2. Pull out the crown to position III (the watch stops).
  3. Turn the crown until you reach the correct time 8:45
  4. Push the crown back into position II, and then screw inwards in a clockwise direction back to position I. This will maintain your watch’s water resistance.

Please note: * In order to set the time to the exact second, 1 must be pulled out when the second hand is in position "60". Once the hour and minute hands have been set, 3 must be pushed back into position I at the exact second.

Chronograph: Basic function (Start / Stop / Reset)


1 Start: Press push-button A.

2 Stop: to stop the timing, press push-button A once more and read the chronograph hands: 20min / 38 sec.

3 Zero positioning:

Press push-button B. (The chronograph hands will be reset to their zero positions.)

Chronograph: Accumulated timing


1 Start: Press push-button A (start timing)

2 Stop: Stop: (e.g. 15 min 5 sec following)

3 Restart: (timing is resumed)

4 Stop: (e.g. 5min 12 sec following )

= 20 min17 sec

5 Reset:

Press push-button B. The chronograph hands are returned to their zero positions.

Chronograph: Intermediate or interval timing


1 Start: (start timing)

2 Display interval: e.g. 20 minutes 17 seconds (timing continues in the background)

3 Making up the measured time: (The chronograph hands are quickly advanced

to the ongoing measured time.)

4 Stop: (Final time is displayed)

5 Reset:

The chronograph hands are returned to their zero position.

Adjusting the chronograph hands to zero position


One or several chronograph hands are not in their correct zero positions and have to be adjusted (e.g. following a battery change). 

1 Pull out the crown to position III.

2 Stop: Keep push-buttons A and B depressed simultaneously for at least 2 seconds (the second counter hand rotates by 360° corrective mode is activated).

Adjusting the second counter hand

Single step A 1 x short

Continuous A long

Adjusting the next hand B

Adjusting the minute counter hand (position 9h)

Single step A 1 x short

Continuous A long

Returning the crown to position I

Termination of the chronograph hands adjustment (can be carried out at any time). 


Replacing your strap

With their in-built quick-release pins, our leather and rubber straps are simple to change over.

  1. To remove the strap, locate the quick-release pin and pull inwards to detach.
  2. To reattach your strap, pull the pin inwards and align the spring bars so that they click securely into the lug holes on each side. You should feel the spring bars pop back into place. Give the strap a soft tug to ensure that it is securely attached. Get on with the rest of your day.

The micro-adjustment on your bracelet

The clasp on your bracelet is fitted with an adjustment system enabling you to lengthen or shorten your bracelet by 5mm on either side – ideal for a hot summer’s day.

  1. Open the clasp by pushing on the buttons to release.
  2. Press the bottom buttons together to engage the micro-adjustment. To extend, pull the bracelet apart to the appropriate length. To shorten it, push the bracelet back into the clasp.

To replace your metal bracelet, you’ll need a springbar tool to swap it on or off. If the thought of trying this gives you the fear, we recommend getting a local jeweller to do this to avoid any scratches.


All TRIBUS watches are Swiss-made – an indicator of quality itself. Your watch has been engineered to last, but to ensure it continues to operate at its best we recommend the following:

  • Always ensure the crown is fully tightened before use in water.
  • Always adhere to the water resistance rating of your watch.
  • Thoroughly rinse your watch in fresh water after immersion in salt water.
  • Your watch is shock resistant to minor impacts but dropping from height onto a hard surface may damage the movement.

Water Resistance

Your TRI-07 LFC Sports Chronograph Champions Edition is water-resistant to a depth of 150 metres. The water resistance rating of your watch (as shown) should only ever be considered a guideline and we strongly recommend that it is always adhered to.

Washing your car
Shower, bath, surface water sports
Swimming, snorkelling

Your Battery

Your chronograph watch functions by means of a battery lasting 3 years. As the battery is fitted into the watch in a workshop before it reaches you, you may find its life reduced. Its life is also influenced by the frequency with which you use the chronograph functions.

When you are not wearing your watch, battery life may be prolonged by unscrewing the crown and pulling it out to position III. Do not forget to push the crown back and to screw it in to position 0 before wearing your watch again.

We always recommend your battery is replaced by a qualified watchmaker. They can replace the seal and guarantee its continued water resistance.


Your watch is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for 3 years from the date of purchase. This means that in the unlikely event you encounter any problems, we’ll repair or replace the movement or parts as necessary. If the repair work/replacement does not fall under the terms of our guarantee (for example, our Swiss technicians diagnose the issue to be the result of user fault), a cost may be incurred.

If you’ve purchased your LFC watch directly from LFC or Amazon, we’ll have your details on record for if you need to speak to us about your guarantee.

If you have purchased your LFC watch from somebody else or have received it as a gift, to ensure the guarantee is transferred over to your name, please register your details with us at


What is the point of creating a watch that’s designed to last, if we don’t have a future to enjoy it in? Since the 1960s, over half of the world’s tropical forests have been slashed down. Within a century, scientists predict there won’t be any left – leaving future generations with an uncertain existence upon a burning planet.

To reduce our paper use, we decided to scrap physical product manuals and customer paperwork. So your new TRIBUS arrives with only the essentials: a warranty card, and, depending on the model, a COSC certificate or Certificate of Provenance. Between your warranty card and this digital manual, you have everything you need to look after your TRIBUS.